Dust-free Injector Blast Machine BLASTVAC 3000

Dust-free Injector Blast Machine BLASTVAC 3000

Our company pursues the programme of import substitution. Owing to this programme and due to highly advanced technology developed by Blastcor® Company, first in Russia, we have constructed and put into serial manufacturing the dust-free blasting system BLASTVAC 3000, which is based on most modern parts and assemblies.

Previously, the Russian market offered the dust-free blasting systems produced by the foreign manufacturers: Clemco-Munkebo (Germany), Nederman (Sweden).

BLASTVAC 3000 yields to no foreign analogues, it has enhanced specs as compared to other machinery of this type.





Key Benefits of Dust-free Blasting System Blastcor® BLASTVAC 3000

  • Power: 3000 W
  • Maximum vacuum: 340 mbar
  • Compressed air consumprion: 0,8-3 m3/min (0.4-1.7 ft3/s)
  • Filter area: 4 m3 (43 ft2)
  • Filtration class (EN 779): F9
  • Automatic reverse pulse filter cleaning
  • Performance: 0,5–6 m2/h (5 - 64 ft2/h)
  • The capability of fine abrasives blast cleaning
  • The high-grade surfaces cleaning (up to Sa3 ISO - 8501)
  • Noise level: 72dB


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