Blastcor® BM-50 RC

Blast machine with remote control system

Blastcor BM-50 RC
50 l
up to 20 m2/h
4 - 8,3 bar
  • Tank capacity, l
  • Perfomance, m2/h
    up to 20
  • Working pressure, bar
    4 - 8,3
  • Air consumption, m3/min
    4,5 - 8
  • Pneumatic line, inch
  • Weight, kg
  • Dimensions, mm
  • Made in
    Россия Россия
  • Sieve, cover
  • Moisture/oil separator Camozzi MX3
  • Remote control system REMCON® with a silencer, Switch and TWIN LINE hose of 10 m
  • Nylon nozzle holder NHP-1
  • Quick couplings
  • Abrasive metering valve SANDSTURM® 
  • Manual

It is designed to clean various surfaces from corrosion products, old paint, scale, oil, lubricants, and other foreign substances, leaving ideal surface for the application of protective anticorrosion coating.


Blastcor BM-75 has high capacity and performance, same as large capacity analogues. Due to light weight and small size Blastcor BM-75 is ideal for treatment of restricted areas and can be easily moved around the construction site.


Supplied with Sandsturm® multipurpose abrasive metering valves, which allow working with any common abrasives 0.1 to 4 mm grade: cast-iron and steel shot and grit, marble and granite chips, glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, alundum, copper and nickel slag and other kinds of media fabricated specially for blasting.


Its work is performed by means of introduction of abrasive material through the abrasive metering valve SANDSTURM®-P and compressed air through the air line into a pusher line assembly.

After mixing in the adjusted proportion abrasive-air mixture is supplied to the abrasive blasting hose at high pressure and is directed on to the surface that is being treated, passing through the abrasive blast nozzle and speeding up.

  • Remote control
    Remote control
    • Ability to turn the blast machine on at a distance by pressing the control key, and quickly stop the abrasive jet when you release the control handle
    • Significant savings of compressed air and abrasive
    • Increase of labor productivity
  • Perforated sieve
    Perforated sieve

    The sieve is located inside that reduces the overall height of the blast machine and makes it easier to load it with abrasive. A thick perforated metal sheet with openings of 4 mm is used as a sieve. A perforated sieve is more effective for screening abrasive material than a sieve made of wire mesh. It protects the blast machine from particles more than 4 mm diameter and different types of debris that prevent uninterrupted operation of the equipment. To protect the device, they use a lightweight metal edge-raised cover, the edges of which hang over the walls of the setting and prevents the passage of moisture into the machine.

  • Silencer

    Silencer reduces level of discharge air noise during machine depressurizing and traps abrasive particles for safe operation. 

  • Couplings CLAMP
    Couplings CLAMP

    Couplings CLAMP allow you to take off the valve and discharge the abrasive from the blast machine in 5 seconds, remove the foreign object, which prevents the normal uninterrupted work, or replace the valve for its repair.

  • Moisture separator Camozzi MX3
    Moisture separator Camozzi MX3

    Equipped with high-efficiency air filter moisture separator Camozzi MX3 for preventing of ingress of moisture, oil and other contaminants into the blast machine.

  • Metering valve
    Metering valve
    • High-performance metering valve SANDSTURM®.
    • Precise adjustment of abrasive feed regardless of its fraction and composition, from glass beads of a few microns diameter to cut iron shot, granite or garnet of up to 4mm diameter.
    • Screw pair with a progressive screw for faster and more accurate adjustment of the dispensing of the volume of supplied abrasive.
    • The design of the dispenser allows you to enter abrasive into the mixing chamber at an angle of 45˚ to achieve maximum performance when using different abrasives.
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