Blastcor® BM-1000 RC

Bulk blast machine

Дробеструйные установки большой емкости
1000 l
up to 60 m2/h
8,3 bar
  • Tank capacity, l
  • Perfomance, m2/h
    up to 60
  • Working pressure, bar
  • Air consumption, m3/min
    16 - 24
  • Pneumatic line, inch
    1 1/4"
  • Weight, kg
  • Dimensions, mm
  • Number of outlets
  • Made in
    Russia Russia
  • Silencer
  • Moisture separator
  • 2 x Remote control system REMCON® with a control button and hose TWIN of 20m 
  • 2 x Pneumatic abrasive metering valve SANDSTURM® 
  • 2 x Abrasive blasting hose couplings CQT-2  
  • Cam-Lock couplings
  • 2 x Nylon nozzle holder NHP-2 
  • Manual
  • Designed for prolonged blasting by two, four or even six independent operators together without extra abrasive loading. 
  • Safe and efficient due to high volume of abrasive media what allows to save time on extra loading and carry out large areas blasting.
  • Capacity optimized for 840 kPa operating pressure with compressor delivery rate 16 to 48 m3 per min. depending on number of abrasive metering valves connected.
  • Available in fixed and mobile versions.
  • Each operator station has pneumatic (with hose lengths up to 40 m) or electrical (hose lengths over 40 m) Remcon® remote control panel which allows each operator start and stop blasting independently. 
  • Equipped with Sandsturm®-P pneumatic abrasive metering valve designed for up to 4 mm grade media. Has a 50 liter moisture separator which completely removes oil and moisture from compressed air supplied to pressure tank. 
  • As standard machine equipped with automatic shut-off valve.
  • Loading bulk is safely closed all time when machine is pressurized and protected from water and debris penetration with rubber seal cover. 
  • At construction site mobile version can easily and fast travel around with torsion suspension chassis, brakes, tail stop and turn signals. 


Can be used for motorway and rail bridges repair and construction, at refinery, tank farms, shipbuilding and repairing yards.


Supplied with Sandsturm® multipurpose abrasive metering valves, which allow working with any common abrasives 0,1 to 4,0 mm grade: cast-iron and steel shot and grit, marble and granite chips, glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, alundum, copper and nickel slag and other kinds of media fabricated specially for blasting.


  • Inspection hatches
    Inspection hatches

    Bigger diameter inspection hatches for easy access to internal components

  • Coalescing filter
    Coalescing filter

    Supplied with high performance moisture separator removing moisture, oil and other debris from the abrasive blasting air stream.

  • Silencer

    Silencer reduces level of discharge air noise during machine depressurizing and traps abrasive particles for safe operation.

  • Pneumatic abrasive metering valves
    Pneumatic abrasive metering valves
    • Two high performance pneumatic abrasive metering valves SANDSTURM®-P
    • Rubber or polyurethane tube (Ø28 mm) in abrasive supply lines for precise supply rate adjustment of any abrasive used. Protection with tube ensures over 12 months of fault-free operation of abrasive metering valve
    • Enlarged bore size for higher abrasive supply rate in mixing chamber, providing higher performance with  high compressed air supply rate
    • Pneumatic control of abrasive metering valve positioning saves up to 40% of abrasive media due to complete air supply overlap and gives operator capability to perform air blow-off and abrasive particles removal from hard-to-reach places, saves up to 30% of diesel fuel if diesel powered air compressor used
    • Abrasive enters in mixing chamber in 45 deg. for maximal performance
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