Blastcor® BM-300 RC

Multiple abrasive outlets blast machine

Blastcor Blast Machine 300 Remote Control 2
300 l
up to 70 m2/h
6 - 8,3 bar
  • Tank capacity, l
  • Perfomance, m2/h
    up to 70
  • Working pressure, bar
    6 - 8,3
  • Air consumption, m3/min
    4,5 - 10
  • Pneumatic line, inch
    1 1/4"
  • Weight, kg
  • Dimensions, mm
  • Made in
    Russia Russia
  • Cover
  • Silencer
  • 2 x Remote control system REMCON® with a silencer, Switch and Twinline remote control hose of 20m
  • 2 x Pneumatic abrasive metering valve SANDSTURM® 
  • 2 x Abrasive blasting hose couplings CQT-2 
  • Cam-Lock couplings
  • 2 x Nylon nozzle holder NHP-2
  • Manual

Designed for long-term abrasive blasting works without additional loading of abrasive. As standard, it allows you to clean the surface of up to 70 m2 on a single load. It is provided with a supply line of 2 inches and a receiver for smoothing of incoming compressed air ripples. Two pneumatic metering units of SANDSTURM®-P abrasive allow two operators to treat the surface at the same time; the first operator can treat the surface and the second one can blow dust particles from the surface without the abrasive supplied.


Used at industrial facilities with a large amount of work:

  • shipbuilding and ship repair yards
  • repair and construction of roads and railway bridges
  • oil and gas storage facilities
  • to remove oil, lubricants, old paint, scale, dirt, corrosion products and other foreign substances, creating perfect surface for applying protective anti-corrosion coating


Supplied with Sandsturm® multipurpose abrasive metering valves, which allow working with any common abrasives 0,1 to 4,0 mm grade: cast-iron and steel shot and grit, marble and granite chips, glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, alundum, copper and nickel slag and other kinds of media fabricated specially for blasting.

Its work is performed by means of introduction of abrasive material through the abrasive metering valve SANDSTURM®-P and compressed air through the air line into a pusher line assembly.

After mixing in the adjusted proportion abrasive-air mixture is supplied to the abrasive blasting hose at high pressure and is directed on to the surface that is being treated, passing through the abrasive blast nozzle and speeding up.

  • Silencer

    Silencer reduces level of discharge air noise during machine depressurizing and traps abrasive particles for safe operation.

  • Quick couplings CLAMP
    Quick couplings CLAMP

    Quick couplings CLAMP allow you to take off the valve and discharge the abrasive from the setting in 5 seconds, remove the foreign object, which prevents the normal uninterrupted operation, or replace the valve for its repair.

  • Remote control
    Remote control

    • Ability to turn the setting on at a distance by pressing the control key, and quickly stop the abrasive jet when you release the control handle

    • Substantial savings of compressed air and abrasive

    • Productivity improvement

  • Two sets of wheels
    Two sets of wheels
    • Equipped with two sets of wheels, one of increased diameter and one additional set
    • In operational position, the setting, loaded with abrasive, stands on three strong pillars without relying on the wheels, which prolongs their service life. Wonderful balance makes it easy to bring the setting into transport position even with abrasive material located inside and transport it by hand over long distances.
  • Conical bottom 90°
    Conical bottom 90°

    A conical bottom that has an angle of 90° provides the best discharge of abrasive material from the walls of the device and prevents the absorption of moisture on the walls of the tank.

  • Air receiver
    Air receiver

    Equipped with the receiver for smoothing pulsations of compressed air.

  • Inspection hatches
    Inspection hatches

    Bigger diameter inspection hatches for easy access to internal components.

  • Pneumatic abrasive metering valves
    Pneumatic abrasive metering valves
    • Two high performance pneumatic abrasive metering valves SANDSTURM®-P
    • Rubber or polyurethane tube (Ø28 mm) in abrasive supply lines for precise supply rate adjustment of any abrasive used. Protection with tube ensures over 12 months of fault-free operation of abrasive metering valve
    • Enlarged bore size for higher abrasive supply rate in mixing chamber, providing higher performance with  high compressed air supply rate
    • Pneumatic control of abrasive metering valve positioning saves up to 40% of abrasive media due to complete air supply overlap and gives operator capability to perform air blow-off and abrasive particles removal from hard-to-reach places, saves up to 30% of diesel fuel if diesel powered air compressor used
    • Abrasive enters in mixing chamber in 45 deg. for maximal performance
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