Blastcor® BС-110 SCFR

Suction blast cabinet with abrasive media recovery system

up to 3 m2/h
5-8 bar
  • Perfomance, m2/h
    up to 3
  • Working pressure, bar
  • Air consumption, m3/min
  • Chamber dimensions, mm
  • Chamber weight, kg
  • Side loading aperture dimensions, mm
  • Front loading aperture dimensions, mm
  • Viewing window dimensions, mm
  • Separating system dimensions, mm
  • Separating system weight, kg
  • Filter perfomance, m3/min
  • Power, v
  • Made in
    Россия Россия
  • Blast chamber
  • Separating system with SPF-20 filter on a common frame
  • SGI injection gun complete with boron carbide abrasive blast nozzle
  • Protective gloves
  • Set of fittings and vacuum hoses
  • Manual

It is used for removing burrs, scale, rust and old paint, roughness smoothing, polishing, and for working of non-metallic surfaces. A distinctive feature of this chamber is small consumption of compressed air. Stable work without pulsation is achieved in the presence of compressed air in a volume of 0,8 m3/min at a pressure of 5-8 bar.


Blastcor® BС-110 SCFR cabinet has enlarged doors and a large work area that allows the operator to work not only small but also large-sized products. On request, the chamber can be manufactured both with front and side loading of products.


Supplied with Sandsturm® multipurpose abrasive metering valves, which allow working with any common abrasives 0.1 to 1.2 mm grade: cast-iron and steel shot and grit, glass beads, silicon carbide, alundum, copper and nickel slag and other kinds of media fabricated specially for blasting.


In addition to serially manufactured equipment, our company produces blast cabinets in accordance to individual customer's requirements.

The operator places the workpieces on the rack and directs the abrasive-air jet onto the surface, holding the blasting gun “SGi” through special openings in the chamber with his hands. The abrasive used is collected in the lower pipe of the collecting hopper of the chamber, from where it is transported to the separator due to the vacuum that is created by the fan of the filtering and ventilating unit through the flexible hose. In the separator, the abrasive is cleaned from abrasive fines and dust. The abrasive falls into the conical separator hopper, where the mixing chamber is located.

Thanks to the construction of the jet pistol, vacuum is created under the air nozzle, and abrasive material is collected through the abrasive hose by the lower pipe of the collecting hopper of the chamber and is fed into the blast nozzle of the gun. Dusty air from the chamber and separator enters the filtering and ventilating unit, where it is cleaned and released into the atmosphere or the room, where the chamber is located.

  • Reliability
    • Robust wear-resistant construction, the cabinet is made of steel sheet of 2,5 mm.
    • The inner surface of the chamber is lined with special wear-resistant rubber to prevent abrasion.
    • Completed with an LED spotlight, mounted outside the cabinet to prevent wear.
  • Safety
    • Completed with high-strength gloves with textile lining. The gloves protect the hands of the operator from direct contact with abrasive and prevent static shock.
    • The viewing window of the chamber is made of multilayer triplex glass.
    • The cabinet is equipped with an automatic stop system of blasting process in case of unauthorized opening of the door.
  • Efficiency and convenience of work
    • Blast cabinet BC-110 SCFR is equipped with the system of removing and cleaning of dirty air in the work area, which allows using it in a workplace, without connecting to the ventilation system. Continuous automatic cleaning of the filter element short pulse of compressed air significantly extends the cartridge life and allows the operator to not stop the workflow to clean it. Recovery system of abrasive media can be installed on either side of the blast cabinet, which will organize a work space with minimum dimension.
    • Pockets for fork loaders forks and eyelets make it easy to move it in any convenient place. Cabinet comes with SGI injection gun.  SGI it is ergonomic handle gun, which allows the operator to perform the working of products in any plane without significant physical efforts. Blast nozzles made of boron carbide used in SGI gun and the air nozzles of different diameters allow   to operator to work at the peak of performance and to clean the products to SA 3 class.
    • Separating system can be installed on either side of the sandblasting booth, which will organize the workspace with minimum dimensions, and the existence of pockets for forklift forks and eyelets will easily move it to any convenient place.
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