Remote control REMCON®

Remote control pneumatic set

4 - 8,3 bar
  • Working pressure, bar
    4 - 8,3
  • Резьба, дюйм
    1 1/4"
  • Made in
    Россия Россия
  • Air supply valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Silencer
  • Control button
  • Twin hose TWIN 20m
  • Manual

The set allows the operator to start and stop the operation of blasting machine remotely by pressing the control button.


It can be installed on blasting units of pressure-fed type from any manufacturer.

The control lever is located near the nozzle holder and is connected to the remote control valve with a twin hose.

The operator starts the sand-blasting setting by pressing the lever of operating button. Thus, the valve that supplies air into the reservoir is automatically opened, simultaneously closing the valve that releases the compressed air from the reservoir. Pressure is created in the machine and abrasive processing begins.

To stop the abrasive processing, release the lever of the operating button that will lead to the automatic closing of the valve, which supplies the compressed air into the reservoir, and will open the valve, which releases the compressed air from the reservoir through the muffler. As a result, the machine will remove the pressure of the compressed air and the blasting process will stop.

  • High quality
    • Operation (within less than 1 second) when pressure is applied to the blasting machine or when pressure is removed corresponds to all international standards and rules, established for this type of product
    • They use high-quality components, membranes made of polyurethane in the production of REMCON®
    • Robust case construction
  • Effective safe operation

    The set provides safe operation of blasting machine and lets you significantly save the compressed air, abrasive material and reduce labor costs.

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