SGI injection gun

Пистолет пескоструйный SGi
  • Гарантия, мес.
  • Made in
    Россия Россия
  • Gun
  • Air nozzle


  • abrasive feed onto the surface with a focused jet of abrasive-air mixture for fast and high-quality processing of products.
  • an ergonomic handle allows the operator to make his work in any position without significant physical efforts.
  • abrasive blast nozzles made of boron carbide and air nozzles of different diameters allow to work at maximum performance, cleaning the products up to SA 3 class.

The gun is designed for using of standard abrasives. The injection gun SGi is specifically designed for using of blast nozzles with inserts made of boron carbide or tungsten carbide of 51 mm in length. The sleeve of abrasive material feed made of high-alloy steel and air nozzle protected by polyurethane make the injection gun SGi an indispensable tool for abrasive treatment for a long time. SGi injection guns come with a hold-down nut which allows the replacement of blasting nozzles without using tools. SGi injection guns can come with the injection equipment from any manufacturer.

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