Blastcor® Vactrans

Portable vacuum recovery system

 Blastcor® Vactrans
5-8 bar
  • Working pressure, bar
  • Air consumption, m3/min
  • Weight, kg
  • Dimensions, mm
  • Recovery rates, kgs
    up to 4,000
  • Длина линии всасывания, м
    не более 30
  • Длина подающей линии, м
    не более 10
  • Диаметр всасывающего рукава, мм
  • Диаметр подающего рукава, мм
  • Гарантия, мес.
  • Made in
    Россия Россия
  • Blastcor Vactrans recovery system
  • Transportation box
  • Antistatic flexible plastic hose ∅ 63 mm - 30 m
  • Antistatic flexible plastic hose ∅ 100 mm - 10 m
  • Set of couplings
  • Manual

It is a reliable, compact and high-performance pneumatic system for collecting the used abrasive and other bulk materials from fine dust of various origins to large granular materials of up to 20 mm ⌀ and moving it over a distance of up to 40 m. It is used in various industries.


The system works on compressed air and consumes from 7 to 10 m3/min at a pressure of 5-8 bar. Work of the system does not require other sources of energy.


Blastcore® Vactrans recovery system has proven itself in blasting works combined with additional systems for selection, separation, storage of various abrasives and other bulk materials from fine dust of various origins (sand, coal, and cement), glass balls, wood chips, fruit pits, quartz sand, nickel slag, copper slag, and granite chips to split steel iron shot.

Blastcor® Vactrans is a reliable alternative to electric vacuum systems while cleaning construction sites, buildings and structures of debris and removing various screenings and crushed granite with particles of up to 20 mm ⌀. It was tested at concrete and asphalt plants for removal of groundwater from construction pits, supplying concrete with a screen size of up to 0,01 mm and building plaster over a distance of up to 40 meters. Blastcor® Vactrans has proven itself as a pneumatic transporter to move, dry, unload, and load grain at threshing floors and granaries and in other industries.

To prepare the system, it is necessary to connect it to the compressor air line and attach the suction and pressure hoses. The operator puts the suction hose with a special nozzle into a pile of material that is to be collected, and the end of the pressure hose is placed into any container that is suitable for this material.

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