Abrasive hopper

Бункер приемный для абразивного материала
150 l
  • Tank capacity, l
  • Dimensions, mm
  • Присоединительный рукав, мм
  • Гарантия, мес
  • Made in
    Россия Россия
  • Abrasive hopper

  • Sieve

The hopper is designed for receiving abrasive material, which is fed by hand or scraper conveyors, picking abrasive in abrasive blasting chambers.


The hopper has the shape of a cone, at the bottom of which there is a perforated sieve with openings of 4 mm ⌀ for separating coarse particles that are not usable for blasting. A socket is installed under the sieve. It serves for the connection of the suction vacuum hose. The sock has a hole that is covered with the adjusting sleeve to create the vacuum that is necessary for moving abrasive material. The inner part of the receiver socket is protected from premature wear with a wear-resistant rubber sleeve. A receiving hopper is used in conjunction with vacuum systems for the collection and recovery of abrasive.

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